Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stash report, week #32

well i made some progress this week!

fabric in this week: 0 (still waiting for some orders to show up)
fabric out this week: 15 yards
fabric in YTD: 43.25 yards
fabric out YTD: 87 yards
net used: 44 yards 25 inches.

the fabric used included 17 oatmeal strips for HST'S, and fabric i started cutting for John's quilt. also i pieced the pink backing for "Kashmir" and cut 2 pillow cases, and binding. still have fabric, borders, and backing to cut for John's quilt.
"Kashmir" will go to the quilter's next Tuesday, and "Farmer's Market" will come home all quilted and ready for the binding. Thank you again, Vicky & Penny for a great veggie tower. (huggs)

And i've finally got more fabric for the net total than i've added this year, so things should go better from now on if i can keep my nose to the grindstone (and stop poking buttons)!


Vicky said...

I can't wait to see Farmer's Market all finished up! Thank YOU for giving me a bust that week! LOL

Donna said...

Sounds like you have a good flow of things in process all the way through to finishes.

Keep up the good work busting that stash!

Lori said...

Yeah more fabric out than in, a true stashbuster :-)
Can't wait to see the finished ones. I get to longarm on the 12th, hard to get time on that darn machine. I so want my own.