Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week #27, June 30-July 6

fabric in:  ZERO!
fabric out: 15 yards
fabric in YTD: -102.85 yards
fabric out YTD: + 155.72 yards
net used this year: + 52.87 yards

Looks like my figures are going back and forth in this year's reports, but i'm slowly getting a handle on my stash, AND i'm slowly getting more and more finished quilts to my credit. YEA!

This week i have all the "Trip" quilt blocks made and they're ready for pressing and assembly. that feels like a gazillion little 2.5 inch squares, but the actual number is only 1,728 for the quilt. i think that's quite enough!

On the 'fabric out" report, i cut out a 'Rail Fence" quilt (mostly left overs from the "Trip quilt" fabric) and counted out the front, backing, and binding for that. Also cut out the part 3 of Bonnie's "Lazy Sunday Mystery.  I've gotten half of the white squares prepped so far, so i'll be working on getting that step finished this next week.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

week #23 June 2-9

Fabric in: 27 yards
fabric out: 0
fabric in YTD: -97.85 yards
fabric out YTD: +140.72 yards
net out : +42.87 yards

Fabric in this week was: 12 yards for an "Indigo Crossing" fat quarter tower, and 6 yards backing fabric for the "Hydrangeas" quilt. I'll shift the previous backing fabric that i had planned for "Hydrangeas" to make the backing for another quilt from my stash of "Legacy" fabric. Also got 9 yards of shirting fabric to supliment my R/W/B stash for the quilts to be made in July. Lots of fabric in, but at least it all has a purpose!

As far as the piecing progress goes, i got all the fabric sorted and cut for my "Trip" quilt, and got 6 blocks made this week. I'm pulling fabric from 4 different lines to get this one together, but i think it's gonna look good.

Monday, June 3, 2013

week 22 stash report, 2013

fabric in: -2 yards for binding fabric out: + 17.16 yards fabric in YTD: -82.85 yards fabric out YTD: +140.72 yards net used YTD: +57.87 yards I have 2 yards out of my stash for the "Garden Path" border and part of the backing. also the "Trip" quilt will be using 6 yards of backing, 2/3 yards of binding, and 7.5 yards for the quilt top; total of 14.16 yards for the quilt. added in another yard of binding out for the "Garden Path" binding. i have more fabric comming in next week (a fat quarter tower of "Indigo Crossing")for a really great tan and blue and white quilt made with sawtooth stars and bear's paw blocks. so even though the fabric is a b'day gift to me, since i'm buying it it still has to go on the stash report for next week. that will knock me back down and raise my 'fabric in' numbers, but there are just some things that gotta be, and this is one of those things. Hoping to get close to 100 yards for my "net used" figure this year, in spite of all the additions to the stash. i know that my total of quilts made is going up, and i hope to get that number up to 25 quilts made by the end of this year, which will give me a total of just over 50 quilts total.

Monday, August 29, 2011

just a brief wrap up

We are OK! no damage, no trees down, no plants uprooted, no windows broken,and the garage and car are ok. and the ducks are ok too. All our power, phone, and internet are back on.

i went out early Sunday morning to check on the lake levels which were still within the boundaries, and there was no sign that it ever ran over them.
All the ducks were there, but only one group was braving the lake. the others were sitting quietly on the banks, probably wondering if they should venture in.
And in VA only 1 death due to a car accident caused by a non-functioning stop light.

Hurricane Irene is now but a memory, thank heavens!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

About those ducks and geeese...

Apparently the geese have more sense than the ducks! All the ducks are still here (so far)and the geese have apparently flown the coop.Some of the ducks are braving the lake, but most are on the shore. The lake is back to it's normal level from the rain that we've had, so that's good.

We've had some periods of wind with no rain this morning, but in checking the radar i see some yellow and orange rain in store for us this morning and this afternoon, as the eye wall gets closer.

The hurricane has made landfall near Cape Lookout, NC.

Good Morning from Hurricane Central...

Yep, Hurricane Irene is still with us and will be for a while!
latest reports are that she has been downgraded to a Cat 1 and is moving NNE at 14 mph. Central pressure is at 952mb.
From the radar returns it looks like the center of the large eye wall will go directly over Moorehead City, NC, and the left edge of the huricane is curently at Albemarle NC.

We still have power, so i've made a fresh pot of coffee. we got a 20 min break from the rain and wind, but it has picked back up just now. top winds are down to 90 mph now, so our peak winds will probably be around 80 mph or so later today. Strongest gust so far today has been 35 mph, with most wind around 15mph.

When it gets light i'll check the pond and make a duck/geese report. as of yesterday they were all still hanging around.

Friday, August 26, 2011

She crossed the Border!

Irene is now in the South-Eastern tip of Virginia, and is expected to stay for just over 21 hours, or thereabouts. the barometer is starting to drop. it's now at 1009 MB here. And the heat is hanging around 80 sticky degrees.

and when they said it's huge, they were right. from the looks of the radar everything from the Blue Ridge Mts. on East to the far side of New Jersey will be getting part of this hurricane.

can you imagine that!