Monday, October 30, 2017

Rest In Peace

Elijah, the Quilter's Kitty, has retired.

His last quilt inspection was just two days ago, as he crawled under my latest quilt for a kitty nap.

During the 6 years that he's been inspecting my quilts he has purred over a lot of them, and definitely has a preference for napping on top of or being covered by them. He was a very smart cat, and i will miss him dreadfully.

Purr in Peace, my sweet kitty.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

LOL, nope, back to the original size, which means that--you guessed it--I need to sew more blocks.
But I think that in the long run I'll be happier in sizing back up, because it will make the quilt more versatile.

So now I'm only 7 blocks away from having all my blocks made.
On the good side I worked on the cornerstones this week as well.
I decided to keep the corner stones to three colors; red, navy blue,
 and to throw in some saturated tan (read: coffee with cream/ paper bag) into the mix.

So all the corner stones are cut and separated, all the sashing strips cut and stacked,
and now it's on for the final push to get the blocks assembled.

little by little the project is coming together.

I'm going to like the way I've made the blocks.
Some just have 2 fabrics per block while other blocks have 3 or 4 fabrics in them.
So even though the quilt will have a theme of red, white, and blue, and be made from just one block, there will still be a variety going on within the range of the fabrics to
spice up the mix and add interest.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Making Progress!

Still working on that Sawtooth Star quilt.
 I've decided to downsize it to a large twin size for starters.
And I figured out how many pieces of fabric need to be sewn to get the quilt done; 1,200.

That's the first time I've actually counted the pieces of fabric for a quilt, and it surely explains why my rotary cutter blade gets dull after a while. LOL.

 I've only got 8 more blocks to make, and then it will be on to piecing the sashings and cornerstones together. And with some dedicated power sewing happening this coming week, I hope to be ready for a marathon work session at my design wall, setting the blocks into rows by next weekend.

Stay tuned! We could be 2 weeks away from another finished quilt top!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

There has been progress!

Yes, I've started a new (but classic) quilt made from some of my hoarded layer cakes and matching jelly rolls.
 Saw tooth Stars has always been one of my favorite quilt blocks,  so this week I decided that I deserved to have a quilt made with a whole plethora of my favorite block. So out came the layer cakes, the jelly rolls, the rotary cutter and ruler, and away I went!

And 20 blocks later I've made a good start on a new just-for-me quilt.
The quilt will need 72 blocks plus an inner and outer border, but I'm having great fun making
a wonderful mess in my sewing room.
(true to form, however it's all clean before I turn out the light for the evening.)

Sunday, September 17, 2017

UFO progress

I have no idea which number UFO this is, but I do have a finish to report.

Many years ago now I started a quilt, finished the piecing, took it to the quilter's for quilting, and picked it back up when finished. That was at least 3 years ago. Last week I was going through my drawers of quilts and re-discovered it all folded up, binding applied, and all it needed was the final hand stitching to be a finished quilt.

Life happenings got in the way, so there it sat at the almost complete stage.
This past week I unearthed the quilt, and the hand sewing begun.
And yes, it's now a finished quilt, and on my bed.
It sleeps just fine.

The pattern is an old one (2007) called "Butter Charm and Jelly" from Legacy Patterns, and uses a combination of a jelly roll, and 5" charm squares (or a layer cake, whichever is handy)
It's a very easy pattern and a great one for donation quilts.

Sunday, September 10, 2017


Wow, it's been a while since I posted! So much has changed, but two things haven't;
after a hiatus to handle life events, I am getting back to quilting, and I'm still trying to figure out the picture thing..LOL.

I did finally get a design wall  up, which has helped the production end of quilting immensely.
It's just sooo much easier to work with a design wall than it is to run back and forth laying the blocks out on the bed. Oh the things we do just to be able to quilt! LOL

So...what am I working on?
1. Some blue, white, and ecru 18" blocks. blocks are all made, and I'm in the process of sewing them into rows. No name for the quilt yet.

2. The second quilt in progress is called "Stretched Stars". It's a "low volume" quilt made from 2.5 inch vertical bars sewn together, and topped out with triangles in 2 opposing corners. That too is in the "rows together" stage of production. Will make a great quilt for those lazy "Middle-of-Summer" days.

3. and lastly there is a new Fall quilt that needs a binding sewn on by hand.

And yes, Elijah, the Quilter's Cat is still on the job giving his approval to all that's happening.
And that's the update from The Egghead's Coop! Happy quilting, everyone.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week #27, June 30-July 6

fabric in:  ZERO!
fabric out: 15 yards
fabric in YTD: -102.85 yards
fabric out YTD: + 155.72 yards
net used this year: + 52.87 yards

Looks like my figures are going back and forth in this year's reports, but i'm slowly getting a handle on my stash, AND i'm slowly getting more and more finished quilts to my credit. YEA!

This week i have all the "Trip" quilt blocks made and they're ready for pressing and assembly. that feels like a gazillion little 2.5 inch squares, but the actual number is only 1,728 for the quilt. i think that's quite enough!

On the 'fabric out" report, i cut out a 'Rail Fence" quilt (mostly left overs from the "Trip quilt" fabric) and counted out the front, backing, and binding for that. Also cut out the part 3 of Bonnie's "Lazy Sunday Mystery.  I've gotten half of the white squares prepped so far, so i'll be working on getting that step finished this next week.