Thursday, August 5, 2010

And here we go again!

yep, it looks like we are in for round two of the thermometer-busting temps.
today's forecast is for a high of 101 degrees, with an apparent temp of 109.
time to stay inside and finnish the binding of Antique Thimbles.

usually when i bind a quilt i park myself in front of the TV and put in some great movies while the quilt in my lap keeps me warm. But with the heat of Summer upon us I've found a new place to bind my quilts. I unfold my cutting table, pull up a tall office chair, throw the quilt onto the table and bind away. It has the advantage of keeping the hot quilt off my lap, keeping me cool, and keeping the quilt fully supported and off the floor at the same time. if you have one, a kitchen table works just as well for a cool binding place.

and now with two sides already bound, i'm off to get this baby all sewed up so it can go on my bed tonight. I can't decide bwtween using the top or the reverse side first, but i'll probably opt for the top just because....although the reverse is just as nice.....oh, decisions, decisions!! LOL.

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Lori said...

sending you some cooler weather! It has been hot and HUMID here, but the weather today is better--high is supposed to be 82. Last night and this morning was perfect--had the windows open and just the screen door--I hated to leave to go to the Visitor Center. Wanted to sit there and drink coffee until it got hot.

Eating the first tomatoes, some cucumbers, peppers, and zucchini. We had about 7" of rain last week, I think we are starting to grow moss on our feet.