Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stash Report, week #33

I've been fairly good recently, only adding fabric that i know will be used. this week i added one Glace' layer cake for a special project comming up next. The layer cake added 2.75 yards to my working stash, so that's the addition to 'fabric in" this week.

Fabric in: 2.75 yards
Fabric out: 2 1/3 yards.
Additional backing for "The Hamptons",and more strips for HST's.

fabric in YTD: 45.5 yards
fabric out YTD: 89.33 yards

net used: 43.83 yards

I'm still sewing the binding on "Farmers Market". 2 sides down, 2 to go! This week my quilt "The Hamptons" will go to the quilters and i'll pick up "Kashmir". I prepped my strips for 500 HST's for John's quilt, and I'll be making those this week.

I also hope to have the time to cut a new kit using the pattern "Apple Crisp" from page 94 of AP&Q October 2010 issue. I have some (lots of!) flannel fabric that has been sitting for over a year now, just waiting to be made up. the quilt takes 12.5 yards of fabric, so it will make a good bust. I also have more (lots more!)flannel from Bunny Hill also waiting to be made up, so if i get really energetic i just might cut two kits this week.

Can i bust 25 yards in a week???? we'll see.........


Tamera said...

You can do it!

Charlene S said...

Of course you can but 25 yards this week. Go for it!

Lori said...

you be energetic, I'll watch!