Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Listen to the Mocking Bird

some of you will remember that tune!

today was another nice warm day,(just barely made it to 70 degrees) so i decided to go outside and spend some quality time just listening to the birds.

my first surprize was that there were no birds on the lake today! So with some nice bread heals in my hand i went up to the front pond (much smaller!) and found one lone Canada Goose who was honking loudly and seemed very distressed to be alone! i think i would have been too if the 100's of buddies who came to spend Christmas Day on the pond with me deserted at the first sign of Spring.

so i tossed the bread and came back to just stand in the relative warmth of the porch and listen to the birds singing from the trees. i recognized the song of the Cardinal, but there were some i had not heard before, i also heard the local carpenters (downy woodpeckers) actively investigating trees for a potential homesite. I saw one kind neighbor had put some strings out for the local nestmakers, but i think it's a bit early yet for that.

We're expecting some rain here in the next few days. So although it won't be ideal nesting weather, the worms are sure to be the main attraction for our local feathered friends.

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Lori said...

there are still snowbanks here. Rainy, overcast, damp, muddy, miserable. I keep telling myself this is just a prelude to spring. Yeah right! Prelude to at least one last winter storm! I did a bit of mindless piecing tonight, I needed that! I am so jealous that it's warm there and the birds are singing.