Tuesday, March 9, 2010

churn dash quilt

here's the update of the Churn Dash blocks:

I have 13 blocks made and all 68 of them cut. i'm planning on having some extra HST's left over, so those will go into the quilt too, probably as either a border or some cornerstones.

the blocks come in color groups--red/pink, blue, light brown, med brown, and black.
all of the color groups have other colors in the fabrics, so the blocks are comming out pretty good.
the individual blocks will be sewn into a set of 4 from the same color group. At least that is the plan for now......I may just set them singly in rows with plain white sashing, bringing the size up to 6 inch finished. So far this quilt is like Topsy...it's growing!

and yes, the individual blocks are small.
raw edge to raw edge the blocks measure 5 1/4 inches square.

right now i don't know the finished size of the quilt. it all depends on how i set the squares.....
all 68 of them!

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