Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eat your heart out!

this seems to be the perfect pre-Spring day.....

it's 67 degrees outside, some clouds, a 10 MPH breeze, and periodic sunshine.

i just finished a lemon delights parfait from yoplait (think lemon creme pie)
and i'm going out for a walk around the lake.

who knows, all the goodies above just might be habit-forming!

now all i need to do is pick up a pedometer at wal-mart, and get started on my walking routine.

anyone want to start walking again???????


Lori said...

I'm not going to start walking with you, I think I may need waders. DH went out in the country to check things, and some roads are under water. yes, in the flat part of South Dakota where we live! But heard the ducks flying north tonight, so hope spring is THINKING about coming!

Julie said...

I was just thinking today about walking. Do you have a goal time in mind? I've gained some winter, oh-my-I'm-over-40 weight. However you count it, I'm in.

Julie H.