Monday, November 10, 2008

stashbusting 2009 and 2010 plans

having counted up my list of quilts left to make, I found that i will have enough material and plans in order to bust over 100 yards next year from my stash---if i get it all done!
it would mean making a quilt each month, but that is a definite possibility, and it will be at a slower pace than i kept this year.

hopefully i won't be adding as much to my stash next year as i did this year.
i'm in better shape now as far as backings and bindings are concerned than i was when i started stash busting earlier this year, so i shouldn't be set back as far as i was by my future purchases.

i'll also be stocking up to expand my stash in preparation for the following year, but I'll be planning my purchases. I'll add more basics, dots, fillers, stripes, plaids, and backing fabrics, so that i don't have to start from scratch every time i make a quilt.


Lori in South Dakota said...

Oh dear--I'm rolling on the floor just thinking of someone planning that far ahead. I just CAN'T!

pdudgeon said...

LOL with you, lori.
if i didn't plan and especially if i didn't have a list of the quilts i have made and am going to make next, i would totally loose track of where i was going and what i was doing.

Sandi said...

I admire you for trying to use up your stash. My friend, Sue, is also doing the stashbusting challenge. I was just going through some of my fabrics and thinking of all the things I'll make. Hopefully, I will get some of them done in the coming year. You added yourself as a "follower" of my blog. Would you mind e-mailing me privately so that I might ask you a question? Or if you prefer not to disclose your e-mail would you leave a comment on my blog. I want to send a message to all who "follow" my blog (your e-mail address would not show).

pdudgeon said...

e-mail comming your way, Sandi.
it's nice to see you here!