Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Stash Report

still not much to report this week.
i did get my oreo (black) jelly roll in, and the extra strips added a yard to my stash.
nothing out this week as i'm still working on two projects.

i did get my BOM block number 8 done this week, but Blogger says that the pic is to large to print. have had problems all this week with adding pics, or i would have been blogging much more.

not sure at this point whether or not i will be getting any more projects done this year as there is very little time left in which to do them. But even so, i have finished more this year than i did the last year, used an amazing amount of fabric, and made quite a few tops that are waiting to be quilted in the new year. that's the sign of a busy quilter!


Lori in South Dakota said...

blogger has been uncooperative lately. And seeing tops done and ready to quilt, that ALWAYS feels good!

Infinity Quilter said...

There's still time left in the year. You may not finish any more, but don't give up. You can finish it in January and then just think what kind of numbers you'll have!!!

Pat said...

Don't give up! Sometimes blogger just *hiccups* for no apparent reason :)

Having tops pieced and ready for quilting is always a good thing...just think how much stash will be used in the new year when the tops are quited! it will be awesome :)

Mel said...

There is still time left. No worries. If you get it done, so be it. If not, there is still 2009.