Monday, November 3, 2008

Next Year's Quilting Plans

I've thought about this whole stash-busting thing, and it has it's good and bad points.
I've also thought about buying fabric versus not buying fabric, and that too has it's good and bad points.
And i've definitely thought about fabric collectors/curators versus quilters who use their fabric.
this is what i've decided for me.

Next year i'm going to count what goes out of my drawers into quilts, not what goes in.
If i need a fabric i'm going to buy it and not penalize myself because i didn't already have it on hand in my stash.
some quilters need larger stashes than others. a big stash or a small stash is not good because it is big or small--it's good if it meets the quilter's needs.

A fabric collector's/curator's needs are entirely different than a person who wants to make quilts. So it makes sense to count their stash differently than one would count a quilter's stash.

So next year i will fine tune my stash to meet my needs, adding and subtracting as necessary in order that i may be a well-equipped quilter.


Sue H said...

I am planning on participating in Stash Busting with JudyL in 2009 as well, but I don't have my yardage amount in mind, and I haven't done my post yet. I have some bigger pieces that don't seem to ever "go" with anything, so I think I will have to START a quilt with some of them, just to get them out!

Thanks for your supporting post on my sock knitting attempt. You'll have to check back -- I got past the heel!!!

Ruthie said...

I like that idea of counting the out and not the in.

Lori in South Dakota said...

A well rounded stash--that's what I want too! But mine does need to diet a little.