Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stashbusting & Jelly Braid

i've made some progress today!

after looking at the half finished strips of the jelly braid i *finally* had a brain flash...
it was the mish-mash that i wasn't liking about the braids. but if i separated the braids with black strips it gives the eye a place to rest---and voila--no mish mash!

So i put the strips for one braid back into the stash and i ordered an oreo (all black) jelly roll for the sashing. That should be here by Wednesday. So today i finished sewing all the braids and cut the material for the border strips. Whatever number of extra black strips i don't use for the quilt will be counted into my stash. the black strips that i do use will replace the previously counted braid strips.
i always knew i should get one of these solid color rolls, and now i have the perfect excuse to do so. YEAAAAA!

so am i going to sit on my duff Monday thru Wed? nope! not me!
Today i got the 5 inch blocks all prepped for my next quilt, Jelly Soup. All the fabric for that has already been counted out of the stash, so i figured i had better use my time and get busy on this quilt.

Counted out already! What's going on here??? Welll, a goof is what's going on, actually.
Earlier this Summer i was at a sit and sew and yapping my mouth off when i should have been paying attention to what i was doing.
I was having such a good time that i managed to cut 48 perfectly good squares wrong.
instead of cutting them once on the diagonal, i cut them in half twice!!! Ummmm, yep.

so i put that project on the back burner until Fall came around and i could find a nice charm pack to replace the one i had ruined. so those nice mangled blocks went into a baggie for my scrap pile, and i replaced them with another charm pac (which i counted in) last month.

Still confused? well, stuff that goes into my scrap pile i don't count out until i dig it out and use it. so the good squares were exchanged for the bad squares as far as the count goes. it's kind of like juggling fabric between the stash and the project. so long as i keep the amounts the same, it's all good.

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