Friday, November 21, 2008


tonight i think it is finally going to get cold enough to bring my Appleblossom var. amaryillis plant inside for the Winter.

The weatherman is calling for 25 degrees for a low tonight (-2.5C) and that's probably a bit too low for my plant. So inside it comes.
the bulb is 3.5 inches across--wider than the palm of my hand.
See the little shoot out to the right? that's a baby bulb.

i took the leaves out of their supports and bent them in half, tied a string around them, and then set the pot in my bathroom where it's nice and dark most of the time.
And there the pot will sit until about April when the temps warm up again outside.
this year's crop of leaves will eventually die back and i will cut them off even with the top of the bulb. Next spring the bulb will put forth a new set of leaves and a nice 2 ft long fat stem (or two!)filled with 4 beautiful blossoms each.

I've had this plant for two years now and it certainly has grown!
The strapping leaves are more than a yard long at maturity.
When it blooms it is really lovely.

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