Monday, November 17, 2008

how many times do you make a quilt pattern?

just askin' because i'm just about finished (2 borders to go) on a curent quilt project.

this latest edition is from the pattern "Charm and Jelly Soup"
using left over fabrics from at least 4 different lines and borders from two more lines. the quilt colors are deep red and medium green,apricot and teal (shown), soft orange and lime green, brown and tan, and a touch of yellow.
Making this scrappy quilt reminded me of making vegetable soup;
if it's a vegetable, into the pot it goes! LOL
But you know what? i could also see this as a planned quilt in black and white with red accents, or a patriotic quilt in red, white, and blue (which i've also done) or a sweet baby quilt in pastels.
oh the's a good scrappy pattern to keep on hand.

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Anonymous said...

One!!! The quilts I make are all large so by the time I'm done making 25-30 blocks I'm sick of them!!!