Monday, June 3, 2013

week 22 stash report, 2013

fabric in: -2 yards for binding fabric out: + 17.16 yards fabric in YTD: -82.85 yards fabric out YTD: +140.72 yards net used YTD: +57.87 yards I have 2 yards out of my stash for the "Garden Path" border and part of the backing. also the "Trip" quilt will be using 6 yards of backing, 2/3 yards of binding, and 7.5 yards for the quilt top; total of 14.16 yards for the quilt. added in another yard of binding out for the "Garden Path" binding. i have more fabric comming in next week (a fat quarter tower of "Indigo Crossing")for a really great tan and blue and white quilt made with sawtooth stars and bear's paw blocks. so even though the fabric is a b'day gift to me, since i'm buying it it still has to go on the stash report for next week. that will knock me back down and raise my 'fabric in' numbers, but there are just some things that gotta be, and this is one of those things. Hoping to get close to 100 yards for my "net used" figure this year, in spite of all the additions to the stash. i know that my total of quilts made is going up, and i hope to get that number up to 25 quilts made by the end of this year, which will give me a total of just over 50 quilts total.

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Lori said...

25 quilts finished as a goal for the year? GO PAM GO!!!! You're gonna need a bigger house.