Sunday, June 9, 2013

week #23 June 2-9

Fabric in: 27 yards
fabric out: 0
fabric in YTD: -97.85 yards
fabric out YTD: +140.72 yards
net out : +42.87 yards

Fabric in this week was: 12 yards for an "Indigo Crossing" fat quarter tower, and 6 yards backing fabric for the "Hydrangeas" quilt. I'll shift the previous backing fabric that i had planned for "Hydrangeas" to make the backing for another quilt from my stash of "Legacy" fabric. Also got 9 yards of shirting fabric to supliment my R/W/B stash for the quilts to be made in July. Lots of fabric in, but at least it all has a purpose!

As far as the piecing progress goes, i got all the fabric sorted and cut for my "Trip" quilt, and got 6 blocks made this week. I'm pulling fabric from 4 different lines to get this one together, but i think it's gonna look good.

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