Monday, November 22, 2010


Don't look now, but i just fell off the stash waggon!

got to admit that it was for some great fabric--the new Wild Rose line from Blackbird Designs. I got the new "Garden Club" book from them last week, and like it very much.
This morning i got an e-mail from Shabby Fabrics saying that Moda was ALREADY OUT of some of the fabrics in this line. EEEEEKKK! went my brain. So yep, i hurried on over there and bought up 16 yards of the stuff to make a quilt, using the pattern on page 49 of their book. this will make a great quilt to put on my bed in August or early September of next year. Besides that, it goes so nicely with my stash of "Garden Party", that it would be very easy to follow that quilt up with this new one.

I guess six weeks without buying fabric was just too much of a good thing for me.
But don't worry, i still have the rest of the week to use up some more stash. and with three more quilts to make this year, that should take care of my temporary lapse in good stash management techniques, LOL.

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