Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stash Busting report, week #46

fabric in: 0
fabric out: 3.5 yards for borders for the Arrowhead quilt.
fabric in YTD: 66.75 yards
fabric out YTD: 222.42 yards
net used: 156.67 yards
over goal: 56.67 yards

I got Kate's monster quilt to the quilter's this week, so i'll be holding my breath until i pick it up on Dec 7. it's probably the biggest one i've ever made at 100 x 100 inches, so i'm hoping that it comes out ok.

for my fabric out i decided to go ahead and add borders to my Arrowhead quilt to get it up to size. I have half the blocks made so far, so if things go according to plan (remind me again the last time that they did that???) I hope to have this quilt top finished by next weekend. I'm really liking how it's comming out. I think this is one quilt that would look well in almost any fabric, so long as there is good contrast.
Our leaves have turned here, finally, and this was the peak week for color in our area. Reminds me of growing up in Southern CA, when we would have great leaves for Thanksgiving. We're expecting rain this comming Thursday, but at least we had the colorful leaves to enjoy this week.

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