Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stash busting report, week #41

fabric in: 2 yards
fabric out: 24.33 yards
fabric in YTD: 64.75 yards
fabric out YTD: 191.22 yards
Net used: 126.47 yards
yards over goal: +26.47 yards

this week i'll put the binding on John's quilt, and sew up the pillowcases.

I have my next quilt, "Arrowhead", all cut out and ready to start sewing on Monday. for this quilt i used 2 layer cakes of "Louisa" by Terry Clothier Thompson for Moda. the pattern is "Anita's Arrowhead" from the Nov/Dec issue of 'Quiltmaker" magazine, page 16. I was intreagued by the sewing technique and liked the pattern, so this should be an interesting quilt to make.

Also used and counted this week this week are the 10 yards of border, backing and binding for the Hourglass quilt, which will go to the quilters in November. And last, but not least are two pillowcases to go with John's quilt.

I've counted up, and i'll be making 3 more quilts this year after the Arrowhead. the assembly of those should take me to the 3rd week in November, and then i'll probably take a break from quilting to clean house, and do all the baking and decorating and shopping for Christmas. Maybe i'll come close to doubling my goal this year for fabric busting, especially if i sneak in one more quilt after the three i have planned.

Can i make it to 200 yards busted?????? we'll see!


SpinningStar said...

Great report - if you can finish up 3 more quilts, then I'm sure you'll get to the 200 yards busted!

good luck! Liz

Tamera said...

Way to go!

I'll bet you CAN get to 200 yards!

Kate said...

We'll all cheer you on towards making your goal!

Kathie said...

wow you busted a lot of stash this week.

Vicky said...

Great report! You've been sewing up a storm!

Barb in Mi said...

Great busting! And Anita's Arrowhead is a neat pattern - you'll have fun sewing it. As for your 200 yard goal: youc an do it! Good luck!

Kare said...

Great Report - keep it up and you will be that much closer to reaching your goal of 200 yards!

Anonymous said...

3 or 4 more quilts? Wow, I hope you get it done.

katie z. said...

Three more quilts is a LOT more than I'll get done! Great going!

Lori said...

you are working your fingers to the bone. And we are getting rain. Soggy.