Monday, August 16, 2010

500 HST's later....

well i did it. i wasn't sure i could but i really did make 500 HST's today.

it was a bit mind numbing, (witness more than one strip set with two Thangles sheets pinned together instead of just one)but i actually sat and sewed 500 HST's today.

I have about 175 of them all pressed and i'm gradually tearing the paper off the remaining ones and stacking them in piles of 20. Tomorrow is stacking and pressing day, and that's probably as far as i'll get with them. I hope to start the "pin two together/sew" assembly line on Wednesday. if i'm really ambitious i'll also press, but i'm guessing that will be a job for Thursday, along with cutting the center block sashings.

with a lot of luck i might have a completed set of 25 Bear's Paw blocks by Friday which is good, because that leaves Saturday for cutting out the 25 yards of two quilts that i PROMISED i would do before Sunday's report.

yep, i think Pam's Sweat Shop is back in working order! LOL


Glenn Dragone said...

That's alot of sewing... wee hoo!

greg said...

Wow! That is impressive! Maybe you should treat yourself to some nice new fabric?! I'll be glad if I can just get 4 borders sewn onto a queen top and the backing pieced by Friday.