Monday, April 12, 2010

First Hummer!

Or at least the first one i've seen at the feeder was today. A female Ruby throated hummer came right up and took a drink or two. I had just finished changing out the nectar, so she got a good first drink. And i happened to be right on the other side of the glass, so we were inches apart.

The hanging feder is popular with the neighborhood finches. We had two gold finches and a male house finch feeding there at the same this morning. the house finch must have thought he found a real spread,the glutton, because he kept on eating and eating and eating, like he was starved. later a mourning dove came by to gleen any spilled seed from the ground.
Now i know why my seed levels are going down so fast, LOL.


Kate said...

I have yet to see any hummers, but truthfully I haven't been keeping an eye on the feeders. The seed feeder is quite busy. I get a ruby throated bird, and a yellow throated bird, plus the squirrels come and clean up the spills on the patio. I guess our place is the place to be!

Lori said...

it's amazing how those little birds eat so much seed! not much for birds here yet, I see the male robins have made it and are staking out territories, but haven't seen the females yet.