Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Doings

The weather is supposed to be a bit cooler today, but windy as we get set for a cold front to move thru tonight. It will bring blessed rain with it, so the parking lot pavement will be turning a bright neon yellow from all the pollen on the cars.

today it's time to refill the bird feeder with more seed. the small finches and chickadees have really been using it which is a good thing. We also have some mocking birds and cardinals around here, so i've been thinking of putting out a pie tin on the porch filled with snips of dried fruit and sunflower seeds just for them.


Kate said...

We could sure use some rain to wash away our pollen! I adjusted where the hummingbird feeder is on the porch to place it further away from the seed feeder, hopefully that encourages them to come eat. If not, I bought a small suction cup feeder and put it on the window around the corner from the big feeder. Either way, I'm hoping it affords the hummers some privacy so they can feel like they can eat in safety!

Lori said...

enjoy that warm weather! And with the rain the pollen index will go down. The only birds I've seen here so far are male robbins, sparrows, and ducks and geese. Soon the rest will be here.