Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday check-in

these are the goals for the week, so let's see how i'm doing.

1. make that trip to Lowe's for the new shelves. not done yet

2. trace freezer paper patterns of the Jardin de Roses Block 1. cut, bag, and lable them. Done

3. press and cut the 9 background fabric squares for Jardin de Roses. Done

4. press and load the pink quilt on the frame. Done

5. piece backing for pink quilt. press and load. Done

I have to get some applique supplies either today or tomorrow (starch and glue) so i'll probably combine that with the trip to Lowe's.

we were supposed to get some nice snow yesterday but it never happened. the weatherman promised us at least 2-5 inches, but the wind which was supposed to carry the storm to us had other ideas. Instead of a nice south-easterly wind we got a cold North wind, which kept all that lovely snow down in the Carolinas. Winter's not over yet and the cold is still hanging around ...

Come on, snow!!

1 comment:

Lori in South Dakota said...

you are really knocking out your goals! But you keep the snow, there IS no such things as "good" snow!!