Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Morning Goals List

My goodness! another Monday has rolled around again.
that means it's time for another list of goals for the week.

1. get all the applique pieces for block #1 of Jardin De Roses cut out and prepped.

2. Quilt the pink quilt. I'd like to get it bound as well, but that may be a bit ambitious.

3. change out the HVAC filters

4. take down and pack away the Snow Tree

5. set up the February Valentine's table and hang quilts. (i can probably do numbers 3, 4, and 5 in one day)

When i got this Jardin De Roses kit i thought i would try to do the traditional applique, which included prepping with freezer paper and starch. but somehow the turning under part is just not working out for me.
i think i'll change out and use a different prep method for my pieces that involves more sewing, but i might be able to do that part with hand stitching rather than use my machine. we'll see....

on last week's goals i got all but the shelves done.
I did make the trip to Lowe's but they didn't have the shelves in stock, and there was no sight of the shelving brackets that i needed. i'll probably have to see if i can order some of those from the mfgr., so getting new garage shelving will be put off till next month.

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