Monday, January 12, 2009

Schedules and Mondays always get me......


I've been sitting here reading blogs and admiring those who can make out a weekly schedule of quilting plans, meal plans, oh heck, let's be honest here---just ANY plans!

i guess by now i've thoroughly gotten into retirement, so the best i can do is to make some monthly plans. I have gotten soooo used to having that nice 'wiggle room' during the week; days when i can park myself in front of the tv with no guilt, and watch a movie if i want to just because...

Last year i accomplished a lot of quilting--and a lot more than i ever envisioned that i would.
But after all that effort i just needed some 'down time'......which was basically the last two months!

But it's a new year, time to get moving again....time to get back to quilting...and time to try something new! (ps. this is where schedules come in..hehehe)

SOOOO, this week i will take a stab at:

1. finishing the last project of 2008 (nothing like starting off being late out of the gate, is there!)

2. get a new pack of sewing needles--I have a lot of applique comming up this year!

3. get down to Lowes and get some shelf holders (for the LR) and two sets of shelves for the garage.

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Lori in South Dakota said...

goals are sometimes necessary evils! I find when I make my goals, I don't make them too big as they become overwhelming and LOOM over me. I have a friend who puts small things on a list each day, she LOVES to be able to cross them off. And when I feel the urge to make a great big list of goals, I remember that things comes up, I won't have all the time I think I do. I only put down HALF of what I could do when I was young (VBG) and then my goals are easier. And--I get them done!! I make my list best at night before I sleep, I keep a tablet/pen close by. I can always delete them!!