Saturday, January 17, 2009

Well, i tried.....

LOL I'm still working on this weekly goals thing...but stuff happened and things got a bit out of control for a while. yea, that's my story and i'm sticking to it. hehehe

I did pretty well on catching up on the UFO quilt this week. At least it's all quilted and the binding is machined on. I'll do the hand stitching and the lable tomorrow.

as for the needles, i did try to find them locally. gave up on that and ordered them online, so they might get here next week.

now for the rest of it....that simple, easy trip to Lowe's?? yea, right.

i spent three days working with the bank because someone from China thought they needed our money more than we did. not fun.

then there was the morning when the fan on the heater woke us up at 6 am. Honestly i thought someone had decided to set up a machine shop in my living room. the screech of metal against metal was not good and got progressively worse every time the heat came on.

so by 9:30 that morning we turned the heat off, reported the problem to maintenance, turned the oven on, and bundled up. It was in the 20's outside.

maintenance came that afternoon and had the heat fixed by about 3:30 pm. So we turned the oven off, turned the heat back on, and it ran straight thru until 8:30 that night before it caught up and clicked off.
I am so glad for a nice toasty house!

so with all the above going on, the trip to Lowe's will get shuffled to next week's goal list.
but at least i'll have a familiar task staring up at me. *grin*

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