Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Stash Report

I've been busy this week! i finished making my squares for the "Nightfall" quilt. In this pic it looks like they stretch out into infinity, doesn't it!
At times while i was piecing them it surely felt like it!
Then I got all set to pin the sashings on and discovered that the fabric was too thin to use. I have two more yards of *replacement* (wink wink) fabric ordered. Thankfully when it gets here next week it will go right in and right back out of my stash; hardly a blip on the radar...
But what to do with the remaining Civil War fabrics??? Why, make more quilts of course!

i cut the remaining fabric into nickle squares, 2 inch squares, and 2.5 x 6 inch rectangles. That cutting yielded my busting figures for this week, and plans for a braided quilt, a Boston Commons quilt, and a nickle quilt. And all those extra quilts will also help me next week to bust that bolt of white muslin that is sitting in my closit.

here's this week's report:

Fabric in for this week: ZERO YARDS!

Fabric in YTD: 171 yards, 20.5 inches

Fabric out this week: 9 yards, 12.5 inches

Fabric out YTD: 193 yards, 16.5 inches

WINNING THE BUSTING BATTLE: 21 yards, 32 inches

i've already used almost twice the fabric that i wanted to use this year, with only 30 more yards to go for that achievement.
I've also finished more projects so far this year than i did last year.
So on those two fronts this stash busting effort has already been a success.


Vicky said...

You've been busy! Those are gorgeous blocks! I'll stay tuned for the finished top! Great stashbusting report!

Lori in South Dakota said...

Those fabrics are just wonderful, I love civil war repros! And thanks for the link, I have it all saved and ready, if I get bored here I can always cut out another top!!

Pat said...

Congrats on a zero add week! I always like the weeks when I only use from the stash :) Great job on all the blocks!