Thursday, July 22, 2010

Break out the Eggs!

and the spatula, and grab your favorite slice of pavement because---you guessed it---it's outdoor egg-frying time!

with daytime temps hovering in the upper 90's in our neck of the woods, and Saturday's temp threatening to top out at 100 degrees, we're sure to find a local news crew trying to fry an egg somewhere in our area.LOL

now on to the good news. Got the Antique Thimble quilt top all assembled and bagged up, ready to tote to the local quilt shop for quilting today. Also picked up my first quilt from them ("Beach House", with the Moda fabric) and brought it home with me. A very nice quilting job well done and reasonably priced, so i've finally found a good local quilter to finnish my quilts! YEA!! So now will begin a series of weekly trips to the quilt shop to pick up and drop off my quilts...followed by lots of binding sessions. Just call me the "Binding Queen", LOL. and yes, i promise to get a new camera and take pics.Soon!

I sewed the binding on the new quilt this afternoon, and will handsew it down tomorrow. Hopefully i'll get that job done so i can sleep under it tomorrow night, but it might be a two day job. What a night to break in a new quilt on the hottest night of the year!LOL (that's either called dedication or stupidity, depending on whether or not you're a quilter.)

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