Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday goals

well i'm already behind for making Monday goals, so how about Tuesday goals instead?

i finished my first quilt top for 2010 yesterday, and it's looking good!

Now i'm on to my second quilt top, in pinks and white for February.
the design is from a pattern sheet that i picked up at Hancock's a few years ago, called "Rose Trellis" by Sandi Irish of Hi-Fashion fabrics, inc.

It's a strippy quilt with 4 vertical rows of 9 patches set on point, (7 patches per row) alternating with 3 vertical rows of a border fabric, then a narrow inner border and an wider outer border. the original pattern is colored in blue, yellow and white, but mine is in pink, rose, green and white, and i think it's gonna be fabulous.

What i really like about this pattern is that it can be made to any size just by adjusting the square size of the nine patches! I'm making a twin size, but this same pattern could also be made in a king size quite easily just by using larger 9 patches.

I so love adaptable patterns.

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