Saturday, January 30, 2010

the Great Snowstorm- Update #1

Jan 30, 2010--11:30 am:

We are about half way thru the snowstorm that was predicted. Latest forecasts have it going until just about this time tomorrow (Sunday).

So far we have 7 inches of snow, or about 1 inch per hour of accumulation.
So before this storm is over with, we just might equal the storm total of Dec 26, 2006 when we got 10 inches.

the local front loader has been going thru the parking lot, scraping a way for cars to get thru, and the maintenance crew have just come around to clear the sidewalks.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,
My dil just sent me a picture of their 'blizzard' from Fayetteville, NC. They closed Fort Bragg early yesterday due to impending snow 'storm'. Today the city is basically closed due to their 1 or so inches of snow they go. We had to laugh because dil in from up-state NY where they are in a snow belt all winter long. It is all in your prospective. I use to live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and boy do they get snow! Last year when Fayetteville got some snow, my son went to Walmart for a snow shovel, and found out that the city doesn't carry such a thing. LOL Thought you'd enjoy hearing this! :) Hope you enjoy your snow, and get some sewing done while snowed in! Have a nice day!