Tuesday, March 3, 2009

inside/outside temps

I've been learning new things this Winter....like how cold does it have to be outside for the heater to run without stopping most of the time? The answer this Winter seems to be a chilly 25 degrees outside before the heater kicks into overdrive.

i'm sitting here tonight and it is a balmy 20 degrees outside. I say "balmy" because it got colder than that last night, and i'm pretty sure that the thermometer will dip lower still before this night is over.

we 'warmed up' today to a sunny 29 degrees for a high. But i can remember a couple of weeks in January of 1977 when the temps stayed below freezing for a solid two weeks. The rivers started freezing, and people were actually ice skating on the Chesapeake Bay! That was when we ran thru 500 gal of heating oil in one month. EEEK.

so tonight i'm greatful that by Friday temps will be back in the 60's, and that we really did get some snow this Winter after all.

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Sandi said...

I think your temps are sounding more like Minnesota than Virginia. Your "Judy's Star Blocks" are great. I am going to do the blocks in patriotic colors. The pile is right over there on my book shelf so it's doing well with all my other UFO's and WIP's! It's a really pretty quilt, though, and when I saw it, I knew I had several yards of a Sandy Gervais fabric that I wanted to use for it. Someday I'll get to it!!