Friday, February 20, 2009

making my list, and checking it twice!

Oh it's almost that time of year again...time for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival to come to town.

I look forward to this every year and have been going for some time now. I get to see venders who live far away and all their beautiful fabrics, displays, patterns, ( did i mention the fabric??LOL).
and then there's the quilts--eye-stopping examples of everything quilty! And of course we couldn't have a quilt show without machines or stencils, or books, or, or or....yarn!

yarn vendors have been showing up the past few years in increasing numbers, displaying all sorts of wonderful yarns in incredible colors. gone are the old acrylic pastels that we used to knit and crochet into baby blankets!

Now back to that list.....
so far i've filled a small page of things i want to look for (and take home!) while i'm at the show...

1. sock yarn, 4 dpn's, sock pattern
2. applique glue and straw needles

and then come the fabrics...

all sorts of dots and stripes, probably at least 1-2 yards of everything
some yummy Moda marbles
Aviary--the ginghams and ivory trellis
Collection for a Cause; Legacy--- lots of this one!

1800's and blended traditions--- the book and some fabric
Flag Day Farm--- getting fabric for two quilts here!
6 yards of the cheater stars for the first quilt, and 12 quarter yards of the main fabrics, 3 yards of background, 1 1/4 yards border fabric and 1/2 yard binding for the second quilt.

Mary Rose--yardage for pillow cases
Patisserie & Gypsy Rose-- another 2 quilts, mixing the two lines. I'll need a layer cake and jelly roll of each, 1 1/2 yards for borders and binding.

Beach House--all the stripes and a yard each (or so depending on how it's printed!) of the samplers for pillow shams
Metro au Natural--grab the neutrals!

it's a good beginning. Stash enhancement, here i come!!!


Sue H said...

I love that -- "stash enhancement"!!! Have fun! That sounds like a wonderful show.

Lori in South Dakota said...

I will live vicariously thru your trip. Can hardly wait for pictures! And the *SEX*, Oh la la!!

Pat said...

Enjoy the show...and look for ME there, too. Our guild is going down there by bus on Thursday. I will be wearing a black t-shirt that says "got fabric?" in big white letters. You can see it on my blog (by clicking my name here) and going to a post I made a few days back. I'm hoping this will make me stand out enough to meet some fellow bloggers to just say hello and maybe snap a photo together...and then get moving so we can all continue shopping!