Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week #27, June 30-July 6

fabric in:  ZERO!
fabric out: 15 yards
fabric in YTD: -102.85 yards
fabric out YTD: + 155.72 yards
net used this year: + 52.87 yards

Looks like my figures are going back and forth in this year's reports, but i'm slowly getting a handle on my stash, AND i'm slowly getting more and more finished quilts to my credit. YEA!

This week i have all the "Trip" quilt blocks made and they're ready for pressing and assembly. that feels like a gazillion little 2.5 inch squares, but the actual number is only 1,728 for the quilt. i think that's quite enough!

On the 'fabric out" report, i cut out a 'Rail Fence" quilt (mostly left overs from the "Trip quilt" fabric) and counted out the front, backing, and binding for that. Also cut out the part 3 of Bonnie's "Lazy Sunday Mystery.  I've gotten half of the white squares prepped so far, so i'll be working on getting that step finished this next week.


Kate said...

Wow, congrats on the great stash busting this year.

Lori in South Dakota said...

gazillion--is that more or less than a humongous pile??

Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Gina Raka said...

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