Friday, August 26, 2011

She crossed the Border!

Irene is now in the South-Eastern tip of Virginia, and is expected to stay for just over 21 hours, or thereabouts. the barometer is starting to drop. it's now at 1009 MB here. And the heat is hanging around 80 sticky degrees.

and when they said it's huge, they were right. from the looks of the radar everything from the Blue Ridge Mts. on East to the far side of New Jersey will be getting part of this hurricane.

can you imagine that!

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Occasional Kate said...

and about 18 hours in the Big Apple. Those folks are not ready for this. They were trying to explain what sustained high winds do when they hit a series of skyscrapers. If the hurricane is a cat 1 at ground level, it's at least a 2 or maybe even a 3 at 20 stories plus. Plus the wind channels between the buildings and can create huge catastrophic gusts as it squeezes through the corridors formed by the bigger buildings downtown. This creates a plunger effect that can make windows explode out of the buildings. Fun...