Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good Morning from Hurricane Central...

Yep, Hurricane Irene is still with us and will be for a while!
latest reports are that she has been downgraded to a Cat 1 and is moving NNE at 14 mph. Central pressure is at 952mb.
From the radar returns it looks like the center of the large eye wall will go directly over Moorehead City, NC, and the left edge of the huricane is curently at Albemarle NC.

We still have power, so i've made a fresh pot of coffee. we got a 20 min break from the rain and wind, but it has picked back up just now. top winds are down to 90 mph now, so our peak winds will probably be around 80 mph or so later today. Strongest gust so far today has been 35 mph, with most wind around 15mph.

When it gets light i'll check the pond and make a duck/geese report. as of yesterday they were all still hanging around.

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