Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stash Busting Report 2011, week #14

well, my numbers haven't moved much. i used 1/4 yard from my stash this week, and bought and cut up about 10.5 yards for another quilt.

so now i've got 2 quilts i'm piecing--the new quilt, "Motzart Modern" using two blue "Camelot" fabrics from Jason Yenter (along with other fabrics), and the next-to-new quilt, "Maison Bleue" with French General fabric.

the "Motzart Modern" quilt uses the "Amadeus" pattern from Carrie Nelson that I've made before, but this time i've made some changes. The center of the sawtooth star is made with the Jason Yenter fabric "Camelot Avalon Floral Blue" specially cut and twisted to form different kaleidescopic squares. the various star points will be 3 different colors of blue, each resting on a background of pristine white-on-white fabric with circles and undulating lines.
where the original 4 single corner blocks of the star block meet up to form a square of 4 on the quilt, i have changed into one single sqare block (eliminating the seams of the 4). the material for that block, "Camelot Sangreal Rose Medallion Blue," is also fussy cut, so each square in the quilt will be the same.

with that change in the 4 blocks to 1 block, i will also be changing the quilt top assembly. Instead of making up each star block and then setting them together, I will be assembling the quilt in vertical rows, 1/3 of the star at a time.

At this point I've got 20 of the 25 star center blocks sewn together, and they look fabulous!


Jo said...

Sounds like you have LOTS of fun things planned. Can't wait to see them....

Amy said...

This sounds like a pretty quilt. You'll have to show us a picture.

Vicky said...

Pictures, please! It sounds wonderful!

Charlene S said...

I am with Vicky - Pictures! It sounds so very interesting. You have a plan now you need to execute it properly. That will be the easy part!