Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stash Report-2011, week #6

fabric in: 0
fabric out: 0
fabric in YTD: 9.5 yards
fabric out YTD: 48.67 yards
net: 39.17 yards
goal: 275 yards

don't worry, i'm still piecing the "All Stars" quilt! I'm almost half way done making the blocks, and will be piecing again next week. This quilt is taking a little while to make because i have to lay out the individual pieces of the blocks as i go, since the design is one that interconnects. If i had made it all with scrappy strips and no planning,(like a "brown bag quilt")it would be easier and faster. the design is great however, so i might do this one again when i start using up my strips.

Meanwhile my quilter called yesterday and said that there's a quilt ready to be picked up at the shop, so i'll go get that one this afternoon. It will be nice to have some binding to do during the SuperBowl game tonight.

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Lori said...

chugging right along aren't you?!! And don't forget--pictures! Is there lots of snow out your door??