Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Stash Report, Week #4

fabric in:0
fabric out: 13 yards
fabric in YTD: 7 yards
fabric out YTD: 35.57 yards
net: 28.57 yards
goal: 275 yards

This week i achieved the first 10% of my stash busting goal for the year!
i also sent out 3 quilts to the quilter's, so those should be back for their picture session in February.

fabric included in the "out" portion of this report included fabric for 2 quilt backs. I also cut out fabric for a new pattern, "Zig Zag Too" (number 320)from Late Bloomer Quilts ( in Livermore, CA.

That new quilt will use 1/2 a jelly roll(or a little more)from the lovely, soft "Dandelion Girl" fabric line, put out by Moda a few years ago, background fabric ("Staples") by Marsha Mc Closkey, and an olive green gingham ("Good Old Gingham") from Holly Holderman. All the various fabrics are playing nicely with each other so far, and i think it will be a lovely quilt when i finish.

I'll probably use the rest of the jelly roll on the backing, but i haven't counted that portion yet.

I went to the local quilt shop yesterday to drop off the quilts, and while i was there i picked up a really great new-to-me book called "Let's Twist" by CS designs.
( they also have a tool to make those twisty pinwheels, so i got the larger sized tool, and may go back later for the small one.
I've always liked this design but could never figure out how those blocks got their twisty shape, so the need for some directions was definitely in order!

This quilt pattern looks like a great way to use up some of the various and sundry mis-matched left-over scraps that quilters aquire over the years, and still be able to come out at the end with a good-looking quilt!

I can also see this quilt made up of various sized scraps sewn together to make 'new' 10 inch fabric squares, if 10 inch or 5 inch squares are not handy.

Gosh, there's all sorts of possibilities available in this pattern for a quilter determined to bust even the smallest scraps in her stash...even a Victorian crazy quilt is within reach. yep, pieces of lace, yo-yo centers,stitchery,ribbons,buttons, embellishments,... the sky's the limit with this pattern.


Barb in Mi said...

10% or your yearly goal - you rock! Keep up the great stash busting!

Tamera said...

Way to go!

Sherry said...

Keep up the good work!