Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Stash Report-2011, week #5

here we are at week #5 already!

fabric in: 2.5 yards...1 yard for binding, and 1.5 yards of muslin for more strips.
fabric out: 13.10 yards, for "All Stars", a pattern by Cozy Quilt Designs (

fabric in YTD: 9.5 yards
fabric out YTD: 48.67 yards

net: 39.17 yards GONE FROM STASH
goal: 275 yards

quilts for January:
2 "Butter, Charm, & Jelly" quilts, UFO "Thimbleberries", UFO "Christmas Row Quilt", "Zig Zag Too", "All Stars". total: 6 quilts cut, 5 quilts done and at the quilters. All will be comming back in February.

(NOTE: UFO tops are not included in the yardage count. Tops and/or backings are only counted if they're made in 2011.)

two more quilts went to the quilter's this week and I was able to empty two plastic tote boxes of stash to fill some empty drawers. My hope is to empty many more plastic tote boxes of stash this year.

I'm beginning to really make a dent in the stash, but i'm also planning on going to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show at the end of February.
I know i'll be stocking up on thread, but i'm not sure what else i'll be bringing home. I'm hoping to find a cutting blade sharpener, another pin cushion, and who knows what else!


Tamera said...

Your numbers look great!

SpinningStar said...

Great numbers and activity. Good luck on going to the quilt show - take plenty of pictures to post since we all love to see quilts.

Before I went to the last show, I just opened up my stash closets and took in all what I had and needed to use up. I made it out with just a ruler and less than a yard!


katie z. said...

Wow! You're doing great@

Tiffaney said...

You accomplished so much this month. Congrads. Have fun at the show.

Donna said...

If you keep you numbers each month comparable to January's you will far exceed your goal! Great Job!

Dianne said...

Keep up the great work!

Melanie said...

You have been doing so great with your numbers so far, I think you should enjoy your time at the quilt show! You deserve a treat for your hard work. (Sorry I know I'm an enabler!)

Kate said...

You've made a great start on the stash busting. If you can keep up with your fabric usage, you'll make your 275 yards out pretty easily!