Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Stash Report-2011, week #2

fabric in: 4 yards
fabric out:6 yards
fabric in YTD: 4 yards
fabric out YTD: 12.25 yards
goal: 275 yards

this week i added in 4 yards; 2 yards each of two different greens. then i grabbed the fabric for an old Plannet Patchwork mystery quilt that i had cut out (and counted)a few years back. I wanted to get to this one last year, but time ran out.
i added in the new 4 yards, pulled and additional 2 yards out of stash for some borders, grabbed a pattern, and it's off to the races once again!

I'll be making a red and green version of "Rose Trellis" Last year's quilt was a twin size, but this red and green UFO will be close to a queen size, because the 9 patches are larger.

I did finish piecing the top and back for Luminere de Noel--the first quilt this year. that will be going to the quilter's this week, so by month's end i should have it back for binding and pics


Kathie said...

12 plus yards net already, that is an impressive start to the year.

Joanne said...

Looks like it's going to be a good year for you!

Lori said...

maybe not having a camera helps you whip out those quilts! WOW! Is the rose trellis from a book or a pattern? Did you get lots of snow? Are you putting things up in the garage "just in case" for when the snow melts?? We had about 6" of snow yesterday. More expected. If the wind comes up we're toast. We will have some BIG drifts then. Right now its all fluffy on the ground and deck railing. Soft stuff. But this week it's going to get frigid. It was -16F in Mankato while we were there. And it will be that cold and maybe colder here soon. I'm counting the days until spring. I even ordered some garden and flower seeds.