Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Stash Report, week#52

This is the last stash report for 2010

fabric in: 0
fabric out: 2/3 yards
fabric in YTD: 86.75 yards
fabric out YTD: 254.38 yards
net used: 167.63 yards
over goal: 67.63 yards

this is the last report for this year, and i've done well!
this last week i got the "Grammercy Stars" quilt top into one piece, and I've started piecing the "Christmas Rails" quilt. I should have that top in one piece by Wednesday of this week, which will be just in time to start and probably finish a Christmas UFO from years past.

Many years ago Planet Patchwork had a mystery quilt going using 9 patches and borders. And then they threw us a surprize by tilting and whacking those lovely 9 patches.

That's where i stopped on my original quilt. But the good thing was that i had also cut up some Christmas fabric for the same pattern, AND i have enough of it to make a Christmas quilt just like the 'Rose Trellis" quilt that i made earlier this year. So i'll have a Christmas quilt with strippy 9 patches on point, alternating with a lovely red and green print from the fabric line "Aunt Lucy's Cottage" by Blackbird designs for Moda.

And did i mention that we're getting snow, and lots of it, today and tomorrow???
YES WE ARE!! The weathermen are calling for 8-10 inches of it. It started snowing last night (Christmas)about 7 pm. And since we're in the "heavy snow belt" they don't expect the snow to let up until early Tuesday morning, which will give us 36 possible hours of snow. So far it looks like we have 3-4 inches accumulated, with no let up in sight.
So everything that can be is closed. With the exception of Pam's Quilting Studio, which will be going full blast, of course.

the picture above from 2008, shows our complex in the snow. Now just add on another 6 inches of snow and you'll be seeing what i'll be seeing.
of course this snow will also delay my getting a camera to take pics of all this Winter Wonderland, so you'll just have to be patient another week or so.

ps. forgot to add that the pond is frozen except for the very center where the fountain is. the ice is probably about 1/4 inch thick.


Jo said...

Snuggle in and sew through the storm. I hope all goes well.

Kate said...

Congratulations on busting through your stash in 2010!

We got a dusting of snow yesterdaya and last night, enough to make it a white Christmas, but not enough to make the roads bad. My favorite kind of snow when we are traveling!

Kathie said...

Wow what great numbers, congrats. Snowing here also this morning, it is so pretty.

Judy D said...

Your numbers look great! Snuggling in sounds like the thing to do. Stay warm and safe.

Charlene S said...

Have fun with the snow. I will be looking forward to seeing the pictures. Congrats on going over your goal.

SpinningStar said...

Congrats on getting past that goal. Have fun looking at the snow and playing in the quilting room.


Kate said...

Figures... the one year I don't visit, you get a white christmas! LOL Well, enjoy the snow and you get a 'pat on the back' for going over your goal!

Tamera said...

You did a GREAT job! Congrats!

katie z. said...

Well done.

I would love some snow, but maybe not THAT much.