Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sunday Stash Report week #50-#52

ok, gotta admit it, i've been slacking off this week and haven't been getting my nose to the grindstone. But i got back to sewing today, and the good news is that i only have 2 more blocks to make for my "Gramercy Stars" quilt, and then i can get on with the borders. I'll probably do all that on Monday, so that by Wednesday i hope to be sewing on the "Christmas Rails" quilt that is waiting on me.

basically my numbers are the same as last week, with a net this year of 166.97 yards. Since that figure also includes the "Christmas Rails" quilt, that will probably be my total for this year, but i am determined to get the rails quilt into one solid top before the 31st.

I think this year is my best ever as far as stash busting totals go. When i started stash busting in 2008, my totals for that year were:

fabric in: 125 yards,
fabric out: 244 yards
net busted: 118 yards

so this year i busted 48 more yards of fabric than i did on my first try, and i bought considerably less than i did then too.

so the lesson here is try, try again, and keep on busting that stash!

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Glenn Dragone said...

Congratulations on your "best year".

Merry Christmas to you and yours.