Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stash Busting Report, Week #49

fabric in: 2 yards, "Wild Rose" jelly roll.
fabric out: 0
fabric in YTD: 86,75 yds.
fabric out YTD: 253.72 yds.
net used: 166.97 yds.
over goal: 66.97 yds.

no new finishes this week, but progress nontheless!
Kate's quilt is back from the quilters, so i'm working on getting the binding on that. LOL, that quilt is a lapfull and then some to bind, but i'm making progress.

also made progress on the "Gramercy Stars" quilt this week. I have all the components for the 9 blocks sewn, so this next week will be dedicated to getting the blocks together and into a quilt top. With 61 pieces per block it's taking a while, but the block is 15.5 inches finished, and looks great!
I just love red, green, and white for Christmas *smile* i've had this project in the planning stages for about 2 years now, or maybe 3! It feels good to finally be making it.

I have plans for the new jelly roll, but they won't be happening till next year.
So stay tuned to this blog and keep watching for lots more lovely and exciting stash busting comming up shortly in the new year. I may even break down and get a new camera, so there could be pictures, at long last!

If you thought that the totals were good this year, hang on to your pins and needles, because next year I plan to do lots more. What I'm NOT planning on is getting another needle thru my fingernail. that nail is all grown out now, so everything is looking just fine.

And finally, thanks go out to my loyal readers and supporters. I love having your company and your comments along the way, and i read them all.

Three more weeks to bust our stash in this year, so let's get cracking and finish strong!

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Lori said...

oh boy, I had to go look at the Gramercy Stars pattern. traditional colors? My dear, you have to get pictures on your blog, I am so anxious to see fabrics and finished quilts and when you had water out front! Yeah, Ken would say I'm a bit nosey--I say I'm CURIOUS and INTERESTED!!!