Saturday, December 4, 2010

Stash Busting Report, week #48

wow! only a few more weeks to go for this year's efforts!!Got to get cracking.

fabric in: 2 yards (layer cake) Collection for a Cause-Charity.

fabric out: 29.30 yards, total.
19.5 yards for "Christmas Rails", 2 pillow cases
10.25 yards for "Gramercy Stars", an old P&B Textiles pattern.

fabric in, YTD: 84.75 yards
fabric out,YTD: 253.72 yards

net used: 168.97 yards
over goal: 68.97 yards

I finished the top and backing for "Arrowhead" this week,(which will be hubby's new quilt) so that will go to the quilters in January.
With the addition to the original pattern of sashings,cornerstones,and a border, it measures 74 x 86.

Poor guy seems to be despirate for another bed quilt...

Him: "Can't you just take two of the throw quilts that you've already got, and sew them together down the middle?"
Me: Umm, noooo...that wouldn't work very well. (LOL)

still waiting for Kate's quilt to come back, so if anyone has some extra elves hanging around,please send them down. My quilter could use some help.

Looks like we're all set for a cold time next week with the weather. May even get some snow tonight, so I'll be out stocking up the pantry today.


Kate said...

Buy a new camera while you're out, then you can take pics of the snow! :)

pdudgeon said...

LOL, very little snow to picture--just on the cars, about an inch.

Charlene S said...

Your husband and mine must have kin in common. Pape complains everytime a quilt leaves the house. He has 2 quilts on the bed right now but keeps saying that he wants another. So in 2011 for every quilt that goes out, he gets a quilt might be bed size or lap size but he gets one too.

Lori said...

poor husband, he is so DEPRIVED! Cold here too. I take tender care of my husband(please don't tell him otherwise)we have an electric blanket, and he has his own control! Should I play with his mind and switch mine and his around? Or just disconnect his at the foot? He *ahem* found the remote control for the tv in the bedroom......