Saturday, November 6, 2010

Stash Busting, Week #43

Stash Busting Report:

fabric in: 2 yards
fabric out: 2 yards (that was quick!)
fabric in YTD: 66.75 yards
fabric out YTD: 219.42 yards
net used: 152.67 yards
over goal: +52.67 yards

some bright little bee will notice that my rotery cutter has been silent this week,
but that's because it takes a little while longer to make a king sized quilt than it does to make a twin. LOL. never fear, I think I'll have the trusty rotery cutter back in business by next weekend.

worked on Kate's Christmas Quilt (Glace fabric) and got all thirty-six 9 patches made, and the sashings and cornerstones are almost done. I've started putting rows together, and will start adding borders on Tuesday.
The Arrowhead quilt is on hold until i get this one done, and then I'll get back to that one, which should go quickly. I made one test block and it looks great!

I got 3 quilts back from the quilter on Tuesday, and will get busy sewing on the binding for those during the remaining weekends in November. They look good, and Nightfall sleeps like a dream!

I got another large tote this weekend, and went thru cleaning out 2 drawers of scraps. Now my old calico fabrics are folded and separated by color in the new tub. It looks like i've got enough to make another string top from them.
Just 2 more stuffed-to-the-gills scrap drawers to go thru and lots of strips to cut. someday i'll have my scraps organized...but that's a project for another year---like maybe 2012!
I'll probably save my hand quilting for then too. I have 4 tops earmarked for that.

i can't wait until i get my stash whittled down to just the scraps! FREEDOM!


katie z. said...

I only had one crazy drawer of scraps and it seemed to take YEARS to clear it out, so I think you're making great progress!

SpinningStar said...

I worked on the scrap boxes this year and it is a great feeling to get things organized and cut into usable parts. liz

Kare said...

I have been slowly cutting my scraps into various sized squares ranging in size from 1.5 inches to 5 inches in one half inch increments. It is slow going, but very gratifying! Keep up the pace and you'll be done in no time!

Barb in Mi said...

Way to go with your organizing! Need to do it myself, too...

Lori said...

whittle the stash to scraps--that's the best part!