Thursday, September 30, 2010

We've had a little bit of rain.....

once again we are the proud owners of lakefront property...or at least we would be if we lived on the lakeside, LOL.
see the accompanying news article here:

it's not too often that the lake in our complex gets so full that it overflows it's banks. in fact this is only the second time in 7 years that it's done so. But as of noontime today, the usual walking pathway around the lake is under about an inch of water. we've gotten about 5 + inches of rain so far today, and probably about 3+ inches yesterday and into last night. Expectations were for about 10 inches total out of this storm, so we're right on track with more to come.

the fish in the lake were so happy that they were jumping, and the ducks just crowded around the perimiter. Nope, not setting one webbed foot into that growing lake. Not till it settles down at least.

fortunately our drainage here is exceptional, so our roads in the complex are not flooded.

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Kate said...

Time to go puddle hopping! :-)