Monday, September 6, 2010

Stashbusting thoughts

i knew there was a good reason to clean out and organize my quilting stash...

Judy is starting a new encouragement technique over on her blog
(click on her blog button, Patchwork times,to the left.)
we're going to be posting pics of our stash each month to see how lean it's getting.

so to give myself a starting point (and since i don't have a working camera yet) i counted my totes and drawers of quilt fabric that i have planned to make into quilts.....and if i make 2 quilts a month for the next two years i will deplete all but my scraps!

now that's a nice goal to have! So by this time next year i should have depleated my stash by half.

How much fabric is that? who knows now....but by this time next year i'll be able to tell you!

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Lori said...

Okay, you're on my calender to check how you did in two years! Ah, sometimes it's fun to organize the stash. I find fabric I had forgotten about. The last time I went thru I cut up most my 9" or less pieces. That made a huge difference in neatness. But I haven't sewn much this summer. Just enjoying it, summer won't last long in South Dakota. Allready today it feels like fall. A bit overcast, drips of rain. Comfortable outside with a long sleeve shirt. Cold enough at nights I need a bit of heat and my electric blanket. Perfect camping weather!