Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stash report, Week #35

not a lot of sewing done this week, but there's still progress being made.

Fabric in: 0
Fabric out: 0
fabric in YTD: 47 yards
Fabric out YTD: 92.03 yards
Net used: 45.03 yards

I took a page out of Judy's book yesterday and did some major cleaning and re-arranging of my quilt room/bedroom. the only things that didn't get moved were the bed,the cutting table,and the 4 single wide units filled with 16 quilt projects in the corner of the front wall,LOL.

the 6 ft table in the middle of the room that used to hold my quilting frame was moved to front the wall with two tall windows,(lots of natural light!) and became my new sewing table. Since being diagnosed with the arthritis in my spine i now send out my bed quilts to be quilted by an excellent quilter, so the quilting frame was dismantled and is being stored in the garage.

All the plastic totes of quilt projects that used to be beneath the quilting frame have been stacked against the side wall, which freed up lots of floor space. all the totes are facing out and fronted with the various quilt patterns, so i can easily see what i want to work on next.

the double wide 3 drawer sets have also been stacked 2 high against this same side wall, and filled with quilt tops that need to be quilted. The quilt batts sit on top of these.

and last on that same wall i have two single wide plastic units that both have thick wooden tops. these serve a double purpose; they hold 3 more quilt projects each, and the tops serve as a bedside table and a table for my laptop computer. the phone jack is right behind one of the units for easy reach, and i'll have good light from my bedside lamp.

I did get one more side of the Kashmir quilt binding sewn on, and have one more side to sew down today. then it will go on my bed for a week until the next quilt comes home from the quilters to be bound.

it was a good morning's workout,and then some, but i gained some floor space and real organization from it.


Charlene S said...

Organization is always good but in my case doesn't last long. When things are organized, I lose them quicker. Extra floor space and good natural lighting is a bigger plus.

SpinningStar said...

I recently did the room reorganization and put a larger table in the room - it is so much easier to sew!

But, once you start sewing - it gets messy again!


quiltingnana said...

I am getting motivated to clean my stash!!! Thanks

Kate said...

I usually don't comment on the quiliting posts since I'm a fish out of water in that regard, but yay! for organization. My favorite thing! It sounds like you really got things re-arranged in a good fashion. I can't remember if you bought a new camera yet, but you'll have to take pictures of the new space when you can!