Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So Do We, or Don't We ?

...get a passing glance of Hurricane Earl, that is.
The weathermen are divided and hedging their bets at this hour. Some say 30-50 MPH wind and a bit of rain, others say not even that much.

irregardless, i stocked up on my supplies today, just to be safe. And i found some new goodies in the grocery store. StarKist now has ready-made albacore tuna salad in a blue pouch. Just zip open,squeeze out onto your bread, and you've got lunch! Since it has a long shelf life (till 7/28/12) it's a good bet for a hurricane staple.

next up we have White House applesauce cups. With a shelf life of 01/20/12, it's another good bet. you can eat healthy and tickle your sweet tooth at the same time.

and last but not least, we have Gilliam's Old Fashioned Licorice Candy
Drops ("Quality candy since 1927"). Ah! this must be how the moms with a dozen hungry kids got thru the depression! And yes, they also come in other flavors.
with a shelf life till 09/23/12, it's good for what ails you and also keeps the kids occupied.

and with some brand new batteries in the old boom box, all i need now is the long-ago sound of Garrison Keeler's tales of Lake Woebegone to come wafting over the radio waves, and commercials for Powdermilk Biscuits. Yummmm!

Who says a Cat 4 hurricane, complete with flashlight wars and no electricity, can't be entertaining????


quiltingnana said...

here at the DE shore, thinking the same thing...each time I see the Weather Channel, the "cone" seems to cover more of our area.
Hope all goes well with you

Kate said...

Dear Mom, I hope you survive the hurricane (and live forever), because if you don't then I'll have no one to give the nasty black licorice flavored candy to. LOL Love you, stay safe! *hugs*

Glenn Dragone said...

I'm getting ready here in NJ by making cookies. You have to have the basics if the lights go out!

Stay safe