Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stash report, week # 28

there will be some 'catch-up' reporting this week, and that's my excuse, hehehe.

yards in this week: 20 yards
yards out this week: 8.5 yards
yards in this year: 23.5 yards
yards out this year: 16 yards

now about that 20 checking back i see that i forgot to report when they came in, so i included the 24 FQ's for my "Antique Thimble" quilt as well as the backing fabric to go with it----10 yards of some luscious stuff (more about that later!) and 4 yards for pillowcases. So all that set me back a bit, but still on the plus side.

the best news is that i FINALLY finnished my Beach House top UFO,(after 3 tries). well i couldn't help myself, actually. those 12 sawtooth stars kept on calling me to get a move on. So what started as a small quilt wound up to be a twin size Summer quilt which will be all for me! (and yes, when i get a new camera i promise i'll put up a pic.)

meanwhile i am still working away on my online weekly quilt project using the fruit and vegie FQ's that Vickey so nicely donated to me. this quilt is gonna be fantastic!
All the little 2.5 inch squares of fruit and veggies are behaving well and shining like the jewels that they are. I'm going to use the rest of the FQ's as backing fabric. three more weeklky segments to go on that project, and then it will be a top.

and tomorrow i start sewing those Antique Thimbles together.


KathySWFL said...

You're doing great Pam!

Vicky said...

I can't wait to see your "produce" quilt! It makes me happy that you're using your prize winnings! Hurry up and get a new camera!!! xo

Amy said...

Good job on finishing the quilt. Looking forward to seeing the pic.