Thursday, July 8, 2010

now about that backing fabric....

I was shopping (yes, i know i shouldn't) at Thousands of Bolts and ran across this luscious fabric on sale, that will go wonderfully well for a backing on my "Antique Thimble" quilt.

the note on the salvage reads "Inspired by a quilt from the International Quilt Study Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, designed by Kathy Hall with Jo Morton for Andover Fabrics, Inc. Patt #4101."

this fabric is in 4 shades of navy blue, 2 shades of teal, medium tan and oyster white. the main pattern is one of a vertical striped flower basket filled with leaves and lilly blossoms and what could be crocosmia. all of these (flowers and basket) are picotaged with small white dots. the background is thin blue strips (again picotaged with the white dots) against an oyster white and grunge tan. Again, it's an amazing piece of fabric, so i got enough of it to make a pieced backing so that the quilt will be reversable, and a pillow case if there's enough fabric left.

right now i have no idea what quilting design i will use, but i'm getting ahead of myself. better get the top sewn into one piece first! LOL


Lori said...

drat. I couldn't find a picture of the fabric. I love repro fabrics. I am SO CURIOUS to see what you bought, and what you're making. Get that camera out!

pdudgeon said...

i couldn't find a pic either, Lori, so it must be an older fabric. but i guarantee you, it's luscious!